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Mobile App Development, an introduction

On Tuesday December 19th I will give a workshop on Mobile App Development. The slides of my presentation can be found below. The workshop introduces basic concepts of app development, highlights required (programming) skills and introduces common ways apps are build: through hybrid frameworks or native. It also briefly mentions other ways a prototype (of an … Continue reading Mobile App Development, an introduction

Include a processing file (.pde) in a webpage

To show your processing creation in a webpage (or WordPress post or page*) you can use the example code below. &ltscript src=”https://home.et.utwente.nl/slootenvanf/div/processing.min.js”&gt&lt/script&gt &ltcanvas data-processing-sources=”/slootenvanf/div/processing-example.pde”&gt&lt/canvas&gt * in WordPress, simply switch to text-mode to enter HTML-code in a post or page. Please take note of the following: If in Processing you have multiple files, you must combine … Continue reading Include a processing file (.pde) in a webpage

Using sound on the NXT

Sound files on the NXT Sound-files on the NXT should be in the .rso format. Use wav2rso.exe to convert .wav files to .rso format. .rso files should be copied to the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\LEGO Software\LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT\engine\Sounds before they can be used in the NXT software. Create a “Sound” block, select “Sound File” at … Continue reading Using sound on the NXT

Why learn programming with Java?

Sometimes I get a question from a student or colleague on why we choose Java as our base for the introduction to programming classes. Here are some quick reasons: It is a ‘proven’ language to quickly learn programming It is used as first learned programming language in a lot of other universities and high schools It … Continue reading Why learn programming with Java?

Application Development

Information about the course Application Development can be found here. This course is part of module 4, “Smart Products”. Schedule Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Java Cheat Sheet (under development) Instructions on submitting files

Checking your Java environment (for use with leJOS)

To use leJOS you need 32 bits versions of the JDK and the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Also, sometimes after updates of Java or multiple removals/additions the environment can ‘go bad’. Follow the steps below to test the environment and fix it when necessary. Test Java Windows must be able to find Java programs. Therefore the … Continue reading Checking your Java environment (for use with leJOS)

Arduino programming made easy

Want to use an Arduino to prototype some electronics? But programming is not really ‘your thing’? Consider Modkit, a Visual Arduino Programming tool! This example is a program which makes a led blink, made with Modkit Micro, the free Modkit tool.