What makes a good portfolio website?

A checklist to find out if your portfolio website meets minimum requirements. This is a summary of recommendations given in the lessons of Web Technology. 1. The entire site should have a clear identity which is visible on all pages. A clear identity can be a name or an alias and/or a logo. 2. The … Continue reading What makes a good portfolio website?

Include a processing file (.pde) in a webpage

To show your processing creation in a webpage (or WordPress post or page*) you can use this example code: &ltscript src=”https://home.et.utwente.nl/slootenvanf/div/processing.min.js”&gt&lt/script&gt &ltcanvas data-processing-sources=”/slootenvanf/div/processing-example.pde”&gt&lt/canvas&gt * in WordPress, simply switch to text-mode to enter HTML-code in a post or page. Please take note of the following: If in Processing you have multiple files, you must combine them … Continue reading Include a processing file (.pde) in a webpage

Zo, ik heb mn halve er op zitten…

Een (halve) marathon lopen is een hele uitdaging. Morgen is de Enschede Marathon. Die laat ik aan mij voorbij gaan. Een erg leuk alternatief is om zelf een rondje in het buitengebied te lopen: geen drukte, een stuk minder asfalt en prachtige natuur om van te genieten. Vanmorgen liep ik bijgaande route van 20,3km op … Continue reading Zo, ik heb mn halve er op zitten…

Using sound on the NXT

Sound files on the NXT Sound-files on the NXT should be in the .rso format. Use wav2rso.exe to convert .wav files to .rso format. .rso files should be copied to the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\LEGO Software\LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT\engine\Sounds before they can be used in the NXT software. Create a “Sound” block, select “Sound File” at … Continue reading Using sound on the NXT

Workshop Idea Generation with LittleBits

Monday I give a Littlebits-workshop for students doing a project on “Design for Specific Users”. We are going to practice building small, interactive circuits. Aim is to investigate design possibilities in the idea phase of the design process and quickly try-out different directions for idea’s. Students are encouraged to experiment freely by building circuits, mixing inputs … Continue reading Workshop Idea Generation with LittleBits

Build a distance-sensor with LittleBits

By utilizing the Arduino-bit and the Proto-bit, all kinds of electronic circuits and components can be connected to a Littlebits circuit. In this example, we connect an Ultrasonic sensor to the Arduino-bit with the Proto-bit. The distance measured by the Ultrasonic sensor will be displayed on the Number-bit. This example is based on the Bat … Continue reading Build a distance-sensor with LittleBits

Why learn programming with Java?

Sometimes I get a question from a student or colleague on why we choose Java as our base for the introduction to programming classes. Here are some quick reasons: It is a ‘proven’ language to quickly learn programming It is used as first learned programming language in a lot of other universities and high schools It … Continue reading Why learn programming with Java?

Embodied interaction with LittleBits

Tomorrow I give a Littlebits-workshop for students following the course “Embodied interaction”. We are going to build small, sensory action-reaction type of circuits which are worn by the participants. Aim is that every participant has an output and an input-circuit on his/her body. While walking around, the circuits may trigger reactions on the other participants output circuits. … Continue reading Embodied interaction with LittleBits

What do you think of peer-reviews?

This week my students had to perform a peer-review on each other’s websites. They also had to summarize the review (and their opinion on it) on their Blog. I was very pleased to see a lot of quotes like the one below.

Design a portfolio site…?

As part of assignment #2 of Web Technology, students have to give an update on their progress regarding the design activities for the site, including a first design-sketch. Constrains The main purpose of the site is a showcase portfolio The site has to contain a Blog (section) The site should provide some basic information about … Continue reading Design a portfolio site…?