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Application Development

Go to Canvas for the latest edition of this course. This course is part of module 4, “Smart Products”. This course is an introduction to designing apps and programming. It teaches both Java and Arduino (C language), and is geared towards learning how to build ‘smart’ prototypes. More info: Interested in learning programming? Search the … Continue reading Application Development

HTHT Science 2 Society

Materials for the workshops given for the minor program HTHT Science 2 Society are available on Canvas. The “Arduino & Programming” workshop which is part of the minor “From Idea to Prototype”, introduces various prototyping techniques, divided into physical prototyping (using Arduino, Lego Mindstorms, LittleBits) and ‘Virtual’ prototyping, like creating App mockups. You can see … Continue reading HTHT Science 2 Society

Web Technology

Introduction to Web Technology for Create – We Create Identity Web Technology gives an introduction to (technology and techniques for) communicating and documenting the students work into an online showcase portfolio. Students will learn to apply basic tools for web development and content creation. These basic skills will be applied to realize a website which contains … Continue reading Web Technology