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What makes a good portfolio website?

A checklist to find out if your portfolio website meets minimum requirements. This is a summary of recommendations given in the lessons of Web Technology. 1. The entire site should have a clear identity which is visible on all pages. A clear identity can be a name or an alias and/or a logo. 2. The … Continue reading What makes a good portfolio website?

Include a processing file (.pde) in a webpage

To show your processing creation in a webpage (or WordPress post or page*) you can use the example code below. &ltscript src=”https://home.et.utwente.nl/slootenvanf/div/processing.min.js”&gt&lt/script&gt &ltcanvas data-processing-sources=”/slootenvanf/div/processing-example.pde”&gt&lt/canvas&gt * in WordPress, simply switch to text-mode to enter HTML-code in a post or page. Please take note of the following: If in Processing you have multiple files, you must combine … Continue reading Include a processing file (.pde) in a webpage

Design a portfolio site…?

As part of assignment #2 of Web Technology, students have to give an update on their progress regarding the design activities for the site, including a first design-sketch. Constrains The main purpose of the site is a showcase portfolio The site has to contain a Blog (section) The site should provide some basic information about … Continue reading Design a portfolio site…?

Web Technology

Introduction to¬†Web Technology for Create, Part of Module 1 – We Create Identity Web Technology gives an introduction to (technology and techniques for) communicating and documenting the students work into an online showcase portfolio. Students will learn to apply basic tools for web development and content creation. These basic skills will be applied to realize … Continue reading Web Technology