HTHT Science 2 Society

This page contains materials for the workshops given for the minor program HTHT Science 2 Society.

Previous workshop: “Connected sensors & Apps” Tuesday November 26, 8:45 GY Learn-x/Classroom of the future (Designlab, the Gallery)

Topics of the “Arduino & Programming” workshop: – Introduction to various prototyping techniques, – Physical prototypes (Arduino, Lego Mindstorms, LittleBits), – ‘Virtual’ prototypes, – Creating App Mockups.

Topics of the “Connected sensors & Apps” workshop: – Short rehearsal of topics from previous workshop (see also W1 presentation below) – Building connected sensors using an ESP module – Mobile App Development (a general intro) – Creating a connected App using App Inventor

Slides of presentations:


More info about Programming in Java, Arduino and Lego Mindstorms including the software can be found on the “Application Development” site.