HTHT Science 2 Society

Materials for the workshops given for the minor program HTHT Science 2 Society are available on Canvas.

The “Arduino & Programming” workshop which is part of the minor “From Idea to Prototype”, introduces various prototyping techniques, divided into physical prototyping (using Arduino, Lego Mindstorms, LittleBits) and ‘Virtual’ prototyping, like creating App mockups. You can see the presentations of this workshop further down this page.

The “Connected sensors & Apps” workshop which is part of the minor “From Prototype to Society”, has a short rehearsal of topics from previous workshop (see above) and introduces Building connected sensors using an ESP module, Mobile App Development (a general intro), Creating a connected App using App Inventor and an introduction to building Android Apps using Android Studio.


More info about Programming in Java, Arduino and Lego Mindstorms including the software can be found on the “Application Development” site.

“Arduino & Programming” workshop presentations

Video recordings of the workshop presentations and slides (click the title for the PDF).

Short intro to the workshop:

Creating physical prototypes using Arduino:

Simulating physical prototypes using Tinkercad circuits:

Creating App Mockups:

Info about prototyping using Lego Mindstorms & LittleBits:

(this has no video)