Web Technology

Introduction to Web Technology for Create, Part of Module 1 – We Create Identity

Web Technology gives an introduction to (technology and techniques for) communicating and documenting the students work into an online showcase portfolio. Students will learn to apply basic tools for web development and content creation. These basic skills will be applied to realize a website which contains the showcase portfolio, updates on the progress of study and project in the form of a blog and some basic info about the student.

Lectures, assignments and information about grading can be found on canvas. Guides are available at the portfolio site portfolio.cr.utwente.nl.

The archive link below contains the presentations of 2019.


Examples are on CodePen

More information:
Commonly used plugins, widgets and techniques

If you are one of my students, please tell a little bit about yourself.
If you would like to share your experience with this course, you may do so via Twitter: #createwebtech or personally to me @fjodorvs.
Thanks! Fjodor.