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How to run SolidWorks 2015 SP4 on Windows 10

[16-NOV-2015 update: SP5 is still not available…] SolidWorks 2015 SP4 has compatibility issues with Windows 10. SolidWorks announced they will fix this in the next release of their Service Pack, which will be SP5. Since SP5 will be released no earlier than October, here is a work-a-round: run SolidWorks in compatibility mode. To do this, … Continue reading How to run SolidWorks 2015 SP4 on Windows 10

Customizing the WordPress Search Results Page

If you ever encountered the limits of the build-in search of WordPress, you might consider to customize the output of the search results. If a search produces no results, you could suggest the visitor to go to Google to do a search on your site with the same query. To implement this, add (or modify) the content-none.php … Continue reading Customizing the WordPress Search Results Page

WordPress theming: create a child of an existing theme

A common away to create a theme for WordPress is to browse for an existing theme, install it, and customize it. However, to create your own version of a theme, it’s better to create a child of the original theme (and then start customizing that). Learn more on creating a child theme here. Advantage of … Continue reading WordPress theming: create a child of an existing theme

The heat is on

Temperatures are rising and now that Delft University has presented its latest model solar car, the Nuna8, we can expect some serious heat. The University of Twente presented it’s model, the Red One, earlier. This’ years Solar Challenge will be more challenging than ever! The World Solar Challenge will be held in Australia starting October 18th. Visit … Continue reading The heat is on

Hopjesvla stories (saved from old Blog)

Een kleine verzameling willekeurige artikelen, met als 1 gemeenschappelijk onderwerp: hopjesvla. Het meisje en het hopjesvla mysterie Traditie in Pixelburg: hopjesvla gooien Nederland zoekt bord met hopjesvla Hopjesvla met pindakaas en chocovlokken De laatste Hopjes Tweets

Internet of Things @ gogbot

Gogbot is coming to town @ September 10-13 and will do some Internet of Things. Line-up: Marnix de Nijs, Ruben Pater, Sander Veenhof, Frederik de Wilde, Twittercore, Geoffrey Lillemon and lots of Creative Technology students from University of Twente. More info (in dutch). Location: