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Create a gallery with a custom lightbox

Since the addition of the blocks editor in WordPress, you can add a Lightbox to a gallery. However, the information in this article is still relevant if you would like to add you own Lightbox. Learn to create a gallery with a lightbox which allows you to click the image and view it in an … Continue reading Create a gallery with a custom lightbox

Restyle any website – the Twitter case

Update: there is an easier solution: use a browser extension. Twitter recently changed the interface of its website completely. I did not like it really and decided to do something about it. I installed the Chrome extension “User-CSS” which can ‘inject’ any CSS code for a site. I changed the columns widths to make more … Continue reading Restyle any website – the Twitter case

Web Technology

Introduction to¬†Web Technology for Create – We Create Identity Web Technology gives an introduction to (technology and techniques for) communicating and documenting the students work into an online showcase portfolio. Students will learn to apply basic tools for web development and content creation. These basic skills will be applied to realize a website which contains … Continue reading Web Technology