Application Development

Information about the course Application Development can be found here. This course is part of module 4, “Smart Products“. The next edition of this course starts Friday April 24th, 2020. Materials of the previous edition are available via the archive-folders in the main folders.

25-03-2020 Because we will switch to online education in module 4, this course will change accordingly:

  • Every student will receive an electronics kit (including an Arduino) to do assignments and practicals at home. We will send this kit to all students attending the course. Use this form to tell us your postal address.
  • Working together on assignments and practicals will be allowed. However, work on assignments and practicals must be clearly unique (so for instance copying work of other students is not allowed).
  • The grading will change: the assignments will get a bigger role, and focus will be on assessing the assignments (checking whether you understood the learning goals).
  • Assignments will have to be handed in (on Canvas). Assignments will have to be accompanied by a demonstration of the result (eg. a video) and can requested to be verified via a video chat.
  • Lectures will be pre-recorded video lectures combined with Q&A sessions. We will give personal support on for instance assignments via a forum and (video) chats.
  • Whether there will be some kind of exam is unclear. If there will be, it will be an individual online version in accordance with central guidelines.
  • For project-groups, the use of Lego Mindstorms will be reduced. All Lego-related education will be replaced by Arduino-based subjects.

Disclaimer: Information given here is subject to change and will be final at the start of this course. Last update: 05-04-2020.

Warning: some information below is from last year. Things will be quite different this year! Only the schedule is already updated to the 2020 edition. Everything will be updated in the coming weeks.

More information:

Assignments which have a 'a' and 'b' variant: a-version is Arduino programming, b-version Java programming. You have to do only one (a or b).