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Touch screen NumPad and Paint example

Two example sketches of a 2.8 TFT Shield touch screen. A numeric keypad and a basic paint program. These examples have been tested with this screen: TFT: Ilitek-ILI9341 SPI Touch: 4-wire resistive touchscreen attached to STMPE610 controller, but wired as a breakout-board… Tested on both an Arduino Uno and a Leonardo. Download example: tft_example.zip More … Continue reading Touch screen NumPad and Paint example

Web Technology

Introduction to¬†Web Technology for Create, Part of Module 1 – We Create Identity Web Technology gives an introduction to (technology and techniques for) communicating and documenting the students work into an online showcase portfolio. Students will learn to apply basic tools for web development and content creation. These basic skills will be applied to realize … Continue reading Web Technology