Design a portfolio site…?

As part of assignment #2 of Web Technology, students have to give an update on their progress regarding the design activities for the site, including a first design-sketch.


  • The main purpose of the site is a showcase portfolio
  • The site has to contain a Blog (section)
  • The site should provide some basic information about the author (a least a name).

Perspective: content

In the first weeks try to find some material you deem interesting (this can be anything from professional, art, hobby, sports etc.). If you are unable to find material, no problem, you can also use dummy’s or examples. Later on you can add materials like course results, prototypes, design sketches and in the end, final materials from the project.

Perspective: graphical design

In this area you may express your full creativity. Get inspired by starting sketching. Use what you learn at the Visual Communication classes. Look around.

For assignment #2 of Web Technology, try to create a sketch which contains a little bit of both perspectives. We acknowledge that you are early in the design stages and things might not be certain and change a lot. That’s fine! Also, the sketch does not have to be detailed. Just a general outline will suffice. By providing already some sketches in the early phase, you give us insight in your development as a creative artist!

Some examples:

sketch sketch2