Working in a project team: divide tasks and roles

Getting started as a project team can often be chaotic and unclear. To quickly establish some structure, first divide roles.
Roles can be various, adapted to the kind of team you are. For instance for a student project team, working together on a design assignment,
start with at least a chairman, a secretary and a manager for info/storage.

A chairman moderates team discussion, keeps the group on task, and distributes work. Must be good in planning, verbal skills etc.
The secretary takes notes summarizing team discussions and decisions, manages agenda and communication.
The manager for info/storage can be responsible for organizing all work in files & folders and sharing them efficiently.

In dividing tasks among the group, the chairman will take the lead, to oversee if tasks are divided equally among the members. Of course, individual preferences can be taken into account here and things can be done in such a way that the skills of each person are used efficiently.

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