Application Development: checklist electronics kit

You must check the contents of the electronics kit using the checklist below, shortly before you return it. Check the main components listed on this form. Use the list below to inform the teacher if the box is complete (or not). Check all that is present (place a checkmark!). You can also use this list to see if your kit is complete, after you received it.

Return electronics kit: Before you return the kit, first, fill in the list below and submit this form. Kits will be accepted only if: Hand-in the kit at the locations(s) your received in the instructions, or at Fjodor's office W241 in the Host, or send it to Fjodor (postal address is in the announcement on Canvas); it is recommended to use the online service of PostNL.

If you are interested in buying a similar kit yourself, you can look at this one. But that does not contain: an Arduino, OLED display, Accelerometer/Gyro Module, Bluetooth, Multimeter. You can order these separately using the shopping cart links.

What to do if one of my components is broken? When returning: describe this in the message field at the bottom of the form.
During the project: Did you get assistance to have it properly tested? If you are sure it is broken and you need it, ask Fjodor for a replacement. If that is not possible in short term, you can always order a replacement yourself using the shopping cart icon. Check with the project coordinator if you can get financial compensation.

Tip: move your mouse over the name of a component to see an image of it. The icons provide more information/tutorials and shopping info in case you want to buy that component.

Email address: Fill in your student-email address here (example:
Group: Fill in your groupnumber. You may fill in a 0 if you are not part of a group.
How will you return the kit?  
Specify how you will return the kit.
Make sure the kit has a post-it with your name on it!
1 electronics kit, containing: a transparent box, with the content below.
Arduino Nano Arduino Nano, can be black or blue board.
Arduino Nano BLE Arduino Nano with onboard Bluetooth module.
Breadboard Board with lots of holes in which you can stick components.
Breadboard wires Small box of breadboard wires.
Various basic components Resistors, capacitors, LEDs in various colors, at least 6 push buttons/tactile switches, basic light sensor (LDR, Photoconductive photocell), etc. Shopping link is to starter kit which contains most of these.
Potmeter Potentiometer. Shopping link is to starter kit which contains this.
Buzzer Buzzer. Shopping link is to starter kit which contains this.
7-segment display Small 7-segment LED display (displays a single character).
2 RGB Leds RGB Led. (starter kit also contains this)
Ultrasonic sensor module Ultrasonic distance sensor
OLED Display 0.96 inch OLED Display 128*64 pixels blue - I2C
Temperature sensor DHT11 temperature sensor, blue.
MPU-6050 Accelerometer & Gyroscope 3-Axis Module MPU-6050 Accelerometer and Gyroscope sensor. Warning: version in shop has no headers (you have to solder these yourself, so you need a soldering iron with a fine point and good eyes or a magnifying glass).
Vibration motor module Vibration motor, like the vibration element in your phone.
USB cable A micro USB cable.
Multimeter Measuring device with 2 cables.
Additional set of jumper cables Also called dupont wires. Male/Male, Male/Female, Female/Female, 5-10 each. (link to shop is to Male/Male type only)


Describe extra components you borrowed and damaged/defective components below

Please describe extra components you borrowed and damaged/defective components below (what's the problem?). You may use this field for extra information and remarks also.

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Extra components that can be borrowed

Of some there are only 1 or a few, so make sure to let me know well in advance if you need something! Then I might be able to buy it for you.

Available tools

Apart from the tools available in the workshops and in the Design lab, you may use/borrow the following