Application Development: checklist Lego components

You have to check the contents of the Lego Mindstorms box before you return it. Check the main components listed on this form. Use the list below to inform the teacher if the box is complete (or not). Check all that is present.

Return Mindstorms box: On July 4th, shortly before you hand in the box, first, fill in the list below. Boxes will be accepted only if: Hand-in the box at the entrance of the Noordhorst (near room N258), or, for group 11 and 14: at Fjodor's office W241.

Tip: move your mouse over the name of a component to see an image of it.

Emailaddress: Contact address. Fill in your own emailaddress here.
Group: Fill in your groupnumber, this should be the same as the number on the box.
NXT Lego Standard Lego parts
Touch sensor Can be NXT version or EV3 version (see images).
Sound sensor Looks like a microphone.
Ultrasonic sensor Distance sensor with two 'eyes'. Can be NXT version or EV3 version (see images). The Arduino module is listed seperatly below.
Light sensor Light sensor. If you have an EV3 box, you might not have this one, but have a color sensor instead (see further below).
3 motors At least 3 motors should be there, can be NXT version or EV3 version (see images). If you have more than 3, put the extra ones on top of the box (on the lid).
NXT cables Cables in various lengths. At least 9 pieces.
USB cables At least 4 USB cables of different types. Used to connect a device to your computer, eg. NXT, Arduino, MiniScope board, powersupply board etc. Can be standard USB-B, mini, or micro.
HiTechnic sensors
Color Sensor Color sensor from HiTechnic or Lego. Some kits come with the new Lego RGB or EV3 colorsensor. Check the picture for all versions, there should be one. If you have more than one, put them on lid. This is not the Arduino Color sensor module! That is listed below.
IR Seeker Infrared sensor.
Mindsensors sensors All sensors on printed circuit boards. Not all kits have these, it is no problem if they are not in your kit (then also do not check them).
Short Distance sensor There are multiple models. Check the picture.
Real Time Clock Has a small yellow component on the board. There's another model with "RTC" on it (there is no picture of that one).
Acceleration sensor Has symbol with X,Y,Z axis on the board.
Compass Has small arrow on the board that indicates north. Pay attention: some kits have new Lego-sensor. Check the picture for both models.
NXT port splitter Can be used to connect multiple sensors to the NXT.
3 electronics kits, each with one: 3 transparent boxes, each with the content below. Hand-in these in separately, on top of the box!
Arduino Nano Arduino Nano, can be black or blue board. Make sure there are 3! (one in each plastic box)
HiTechnic MiniScope board Smaller electronics board from HiTechnic. Used to do measurements.
Breadboard + wires + basic components Board with lots of holes in which you can stick components. Comes with wires and basic components like resistors, capacitors etc.
Power supply board Small board to hook up power.
1 Arduino kit with: This should be in 1 separate transparent box. Hand-in these in separately, on top of the box!
Arduino Uno Arduino Uno. Might be still connected to EVShield, it is Ok to leave it like that.
EVShield EVShield module.
Battery pack Battery pack for EVShield. If it still contains batteries, remove them! Do not store these in the box, but hand them in separately!
Ultrasonic sensor module Ultrasonic sensor module
ESP8266 Wifi module ESP8266 Wifi module
Bluetooth module Bluetooth module
LCD Display LCD Display, type HD44780.
Temperature sensor DHT11 temperature sensor, blue.
Colorsensor module Arduino colorsensor module
2 multimeters Measuring device with 2 cables.
Large box Large box that contains Lego and the components. Check if it is not damaged. Report below if it is. Make sure all pieces and components are neatly organized.
2 locks with keys Two locks (do not close the box!). If they are not there, this is not a problem (just do not check this option).


Describe things you hand in separately: batteries, extra components you borrowed, damaged/defective components

Please describe everything you hand in separately (on top of the box): list extra components you borrowed, describe damaged/defective components (what's the problem?). You may use this for extra information and remarks.

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