Application Development: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Latest update: 02-05-2020. This is different from last year!! A lot will change this year. Stay tuned for new info.

Getting help

How can I get help with programming while doing assignments?
Noticed the small chat-balloon on (almost) every page on this site? Thats your first line of help for urgent questions (eg. if you are stuck with an assignment). It is available during lecture days (mostly on Fridays), but also outside of lecture hours (although limited). Secondly, in less urgent situations, you can post a question on the Stackoverlow AppDev team site. You can also search and browse for existing/known problems there.

Can students do assignments together?
No. But it is allowed to help each other. However, your first source of help should be the teacher and student assistants. (see question above)

Are students allowed to help each other?
Yes. But helping does not mean doing assignments together, or copying code. Assignments are individual, and you must be able to prove you did the assignment on your own (eg. by making a demonstration video in which you are visible demonstrating your work).

General questions

Does the course have mandatory attendance?
No, there is no mandatory attendance.

How is the final grade calculated for Application Development?
This is the formula: number of passed assignments / 9 * 10.
Seven assignments (1-7) and two practicals count towards the final grade. So passing this course requires at least 5 passed assignments.

Will there be an exam?
No, this year there will be no (written) exam. The assignments and practicals are the only things that count towards the grade.


Sickness and absence/postponement for (review of) assignments and/or practical sessions
Postponement for (review of) work such as assignments is granted only if you have reported it on time to the teacher. With 'on time' we mean before the deadline. Valid reasons for absence include illness, dentist/doctor visits, serious family matters and the like. Applies in all cases only if reported on time!

What happens if I fail an assignment? Is there a resit?
Nothing will happen. You can continue to work on the other assignments. If at the end, after doing all assignments, it turns out your grade will be below the passing grade (which is a 5.5), you will have the opportunity to do a resit. This resit will be one additional new assignment, which you must do. If one new assignment is not sufficient to pass, you have failed the course and can do the course again next year.

How are assignments (and practicals) checked/graded?
Assignments will be checked in three ways:

  1. Check of the results: the code handed in and the video demonstration
  2. A plagiarism check
  3. For a selection of students: an additional check in which questions about the results will be asked in a one-on-one video chat during which the student has to share screen

What happens if I hand-in an assignment after the deadline?
You fail that assignment.

Where can I find the deadline of assignments?
The assignment on canvas has the deadline. Most of the time, the deadline is the next lecture. So for instance for assignment 1, the deadline is the day of lecture 2 (23:59). So you can get help for an assignment during 2 lecture days (in case of assignment 1: on day 1 and day 2). Practical assignments have a deadline of at least a week.

The lectures and assignments on your website have quizzes which can be 'passed' or completed. Are these graded?
No, these are not part of the official grade. Only the assignments you hand-in on Canvas are graded and will be part of the final grade for the course. The quizzes offered are important for yourself: to practice and develop your skills and to challenge you to complete all necessary parts of the course.

How long does it take to grade my assignment?
We start grading the day after the deadline of the assignment. This can take up to a week. We work with a team, and some of use might be quicker than others, so if a lot of students already receive a grade, does not mean we are forgetting you. If a week after the deadline you still have not receive a grade, contact Fjodor.

Why did I receive a request for an additional live demo? What is this?
This does not ‘mean’ anything: it is just an extra check we do randomly with about 10% of the students. It is also mentioned in the assignment description on Canvas (under 'Good to know'). There is no time limit for this, but we urge you to do it on the next lecture day: otherwise you might for instance have forgotten the meaning of code you wrote and fail the test. On the next lecture day, please ask for this check via the website chat.

It is also possible you receive a request like this if we question the authenticity of your work, for instance if you fail the plagiarism check. But then the message will be different, and we will explain in the message why we have our doubts, and you will be given the opportunity to discuss the matter with us during the live video chat.

Why is there a focus on minor issues like adding my name and studentnumber, adding comments etc.?
In times where we cannot meet in person, identification, verification of authenticity and you being able to explain things you learn (through comments & video) are extremely important. We take these as top-priorities, not as 'minor issues'. That's why these are listed as important checks in the 'finalize'-section for each assignment.

About the electronics kit:

When will I receive the kit?
All requests for the kit from before April 20 have been processed, and these kits are on their way. Expect delivery between 21-25th of April.

It is April 24th. I did not receive the kit. For today's practical I need the kit. What should I do?
Wait for the kit to arrive, then do the practical. The deadline to hand-in results of the first practical is Friday May 1st. So you have some time left. You can start with Assignment 2 also (the regular Java assignment, no kit needed for that).

It is past April 26th. I did not receive the kit. What should I do?
E-mail Fjodor.

Can I change the address to which the kit will be sent?
See 1st question. Since all kits have already been sent, we cannot change the address.
If for instance you recieve the package at your home address, but you are now at your student address, you could ask someone at your home address to sent it to your student adress (this costs €6.75 in the Netherlands).

What is in the kit?
See this list. You can use it to check if your kit is complete. Unfortunatly, due to supply-problems, most of the kits have been sent without the Vibration Motor module!

On finishing Application Development or the module:

How should I hand in the Java (and/or Arduino) code of our prototype?
Add a zip file as an attachment to the documents you have to hand-in. The zip-file may contain one or more Eclipse or Arduino projects. How to create a zip-file from an Eclipse project is explained here.

Does Java code count towards the requirement for number of pages in the report?
No. Digital attachments you add in the form of zip files, such as one or several Eclipse projects, and video, do not count towards the requirement for number of pages and annexes for the project. Attachments that you need to add to the report are eg.: software (requirement) specifications, pseudo code, diagrams (eg. Class diagram, flowchart, state diagram) and digitized sketches.

For repeaters and students who follow the course not as part of the module:

I am not doing Industrial Design. Can I follow this course?
Yes you can. But there is a limit on the number of extra students. And you must apply on time (before April 24th 2020) by sending an e-mail to the teacher.

What should I know if I did not pass last year?
All remains (as much as possible) the same as last year. Grades of assignments can be taken to a next year under certain conditions. See the next question.

What are the rules to take grades of previous years to the current year?
Results of exams or partial-grade(s) should be at least a 5.0 or higher, or a 'pass' to be able to use it in the current year. If you completed at least 4 assignments with a 'pass' you can take the passed assignments to this year. Only assignments from last year can be transferred, so no assignments older than 1 year.
Students who do not do project Smart Products will be offered alternative assignments for those that are integrated with Smart Products.
Contact the teacher if you think you are entitled to old grades/ratings. They will never be calculated automatically.