Application Development: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the course have mandatory attendance?
No, there is no mandatory attendance for (most of) the lectures. Only the Lego Practical sessions are mandatory to attend as a group. Please be aware that the only way to have a chance to succeed in this course is actively paractice yourself using the tutorials. Moreover, the assignments count towards the final grade (read on).

How is the final grade calculated for Application Development?
This is the formula: 0.8 * exam_grade + (number_of_passed_assignments / 3)
Assignments 2 tm. 7 count towards the final grade. You can do assignments with one (1) or two (2) people. (so 3 or more is prohibited and will automatically result in a fail)

How do the assignments count for the grade?
See above. You do assignment 2 tm. 7, and receive a 'pass' or 'fail'. This is determined by a review during the exercise sessions. The deadline for each review is always the next lecture. So for instance assignment 3 can be checked at session 3 and (no later than) session 4.

Sickness and absence/postponement for (review of) assignments
Postponement for (review of) work such assignments is granted only if you have reported it on time to the teacher. With 'on time' we mean before the deadline. Valid reasons for absence include illness, dentist/doctor visits, deaths (of relatives) and the like. Applies in all cases only if reported on time!

On finishing Application Development or the module:

How should I hand in the Java code of our prototype?
Add a zip file as an attachment to the documents you have to hand-in. The zip-file may contain one or more Eclipse projects. How to create a zip-file from an Eclipse project is explained here. Submitting at least one Eclipse project is required to get a grade for Application Development. Please read the instructions carefully!

Does Java code count towards the requirement for number of pages in the report?
No. Digital attachments you add in the form of zip files, such as one or several Eclipse projects, and video, do not count towards the requirement for number of pages and annexes for the project. Attachments that you need to add to the report are eg.: software specifications, pseudo code, diagrams (eg. Class diagram, flowchart, state diagram) and digitized sketches.

For repeaters and students who follow the course not as part of the module:

What should I know if I did not pass last year?
All remains (as much as possible) the same as last year. Grades of assignments can be taken to a next year under certain conditions. See the next question.

What are the rules to take grades of previous years to the current year?
Results of exams or partial-grade(s) should be at least a 5.0 or higher to be able to use it in the current year. If you completed at least 4 assignments with a 'pass' you can take the passed assignments to this year. Only assignments from last year can be transffered, so no assignments older than 1 year.
Students who do not do project Smart Products will be offered alternative assignments for those that are integrated with Smart Products.
Contact the teacher if you think you are entitled to old grades/ratings. They will never be calculated automatically.