Application Development: instructions on submitting files

To submit (intermediate) results, assignments or Eclipse projects, for instance as attachments to the report, various files and folders have to be handed in on BlackBoard.

Intermediate design-reviews

After a design-review, the group must for example hand-in a specification and one or more Eclipse projects. The materials are submitted by one member of the group. The file must have a valid name, which contains at least the design-review-number and the number of your group. Example for design-review 3:


Work to be handed in is checked only if meets the following requirements.

The submission process is explained further below in three steps.

Step 1: Create zip file from Eclipse project

Figure: Example for 7-zip

Creating a ZIP file can be done in different ways and with tools like 7-Zip and the built-in Windows-archive tool to create a compressed folder.

In all cases you have to locate* the folder of the Eclipse project, click it with the right-mouse button, and select the appropriate option from the popup menu. If you have to hand-in multiple folders, select them all (hold the CTRL key while selecting).

* In Eclipse, right-click the main folder of a project and select "Properties" to view it's location.

Step 2: Rename file

The ZIP file created with the above procedure will probably have the name of the folder, like Rename this file so that the information required in the file name is there. An example for the third design-review:

Rename a file by clicking the file with the right mouse button, and choose Rename.

Step 3: Hand-in on BlackBoard

Via the site menu in BlackBoard navigate to the proper location of the assignments. (For the report there will be a separate location on BlackBoard.) Find the Browse My Computer button (next to 'Attach File'), press it, and navigate to the ZIP file you just created. If necessary, add an explanation under 'Comments'. Press the Submit button to submit the file.

Hand in your report

The Java code you wrote for the prototype is not part of the report, but a (digital) appendix. You must provide the complete Eclipse project (or projects) as an attachment, as indicated in the steps above. It may be helpful to put all parts* of the report together in one folder, and then from this folder create a zip-file that you can then submit.

* Components: report itself (PDF), folders Eclipse projects, video etc.