Application Development: Schedule module 4 2017

Date Subject
117apr 28 #1
Morning: introduction to Java and development tools (Eclipse), classes & objects, variables & expressions [1-2] {1-3.5}
Afternoon: Lego Mindstorms practical session
218may 2 #2 (attention: Tuesday!)
Morning: Software design, Drawing, Userinterfaces, Variables and expressions, Math class [3, p117, p364-371] {3.6-4.2}
Afternoon: Lego Mindstorms practical session
319may 12 #3
Morning: Design a class, Using objects and methods, Conditions and loops [p10-13, 4-5, p240-249] {3.9-5}
Afternoon: project time
420may 19 #4
Morning: Introduction to leJOS, programming the Lego NXT in Java;
leJOS tutorial, try examples
Afternoon: design review: review of software specifications & design
521may 26 no lecture
622jun 2 #5
Morning: Designing classes, leJOS part 2 [1-5] {6+7}
Afternoon: project time
723jun 6 #6 (attention: Tuesday!)
Morning: Inheritance & userinterfaces, animation, timers & communication [6-7,12-13,15] {8.1-8.4, 9.1-9.9, 12.1-12.6}
Afternoon: design review: review software prototype
824jun 16 #7
Morning: practice for test, assistance with assignment
Afternoon: project time
925jun 23 Morning: no lecture (@8:45), from 9:30-12:30h assistance with assignment
Afternoon: design review: demo integrated prototype
1026jun 30 no lecture
1127jul 3 Monday: exam 8:45-11:45, location: TERM
Thursday July 6th: Hand in Lego box & materials, preliminary time: 13:00h (details will be announced on BlackBoard)
Resit of exam: July 24th, 8:45-11:45.

Between square braces [ ] are chapters of the book "Head First Java (K. Sierra & B. Bates)".
Between curly braces { } are chapters of the book "Aan de slag met Java [Getting Started with Java] (Gertjan Laan)".

During 'project time' the teacher is available for assistance and coaching. (usually the first hour at the lecture hall and after that at his room)